Chenggong Industry Co, Ltd is a professional provider and exporter of accessories and parts for all kind of passenger vehicles; light and medium weight trucks, all terrain vehicles, commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, cargo vehicles, trailers) and motorcycles.

We are an international company staffed by a team of professionals, specialized in the areas of business, import and export, headquartered at the city of Zhejiang. With the recognition as a leader enterprise in the business of auto pieces products and integral quality services, we offer optimal services in assessment, logistics and operations, ensuring a successful process of import and export operations for our customers in and out the Asian continent.

By working with high quality materials and state of the art technology while producing our products, Chenggon Industry Co, Ltd adapts itself very comfortably to the changes in the market in order to meet our customers’ needs continuously.

All Chenggong Industry, Co, LTD products are manufactured according to the ISO/TS 16949 standards and ISO 9001 to guarantee the maximum level of quality.


With the latest advances in automotive technology, the replacement pieces must comply with high technological precision standards, so as to the excellence and confortability with which the new vehicles are built. CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD stands apart by being a leader in the manufacturing of automotive pieces, with retail outlets all over the world that makes it one of the biggest providers worldwide.

CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD is committed to provide the best vehicle and trucks pieces, while ensuring security, durability and a reasonable prize.

Our goal is to create and offer high quality pieces for almost all vehicles and trucks that are in the road at present .


Each CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD product and automotive piece is designed and built with the highest standards of quality. The pieces distributed in our international outlets, comply with basic standards established by its lead supervisory agency and, frequently, surpass those standards. For us it is very important that the name of CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD is always associated with the highest quality.

CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD manufacture its pieces with the best material and trust the most innovative technology as well as the best knowledge of the trade, to make sure our pieces have not equal in the industry. Our savvy technicians and workers are responsibly for each one of the pieces we sell. Building with such expectations of high standard we are sure that the consumer buying our products will see and feel the difference immediately.

The pieces of CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD are available in North America, Center America, South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.