Chenggong Industry Co, Ltd manufactures and offers all kind of pieces for a vast variety of passenger’s cars and trucks. Our pieces are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and are available for the majority of existing brands and models.

Chenggong Industry Co, Ltd also offers pieces of superior quality for commercial and / or passenger´s vehicles; regular fuel and diesel with the precision and quality requested by the best manufacturer of cars and trucks.


We are an international company staffed by a team of professionals, specialized in the areas of business, import and export, headquartered at the city of Zhejiang.


Each CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD product and automotive piece is designed and built with the highest standards of quality.

CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD team prepares the whole work in advance in order to answer all your requests and make sure our products satisfy your needs.


To obtain a quote for wholesaling of CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD products you can either contact directly our China or Latin America Sales Department or any of the authorized dealers / salespeople in your area. This last option is better if you are planning to buy small quantities.