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The blocks and brakes lining are products manufactured with the best available material to make them wear resistant. They are recommended for all type of work, because of its stability, even to very high temperatures, when you need a reliable product.

Brake linings are manufactured according to quality norms ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 as a guarantee of higher quality level.

High friction solid material (FF) asbestos free, have an extraordinary physical strength, realization of cross brake, flexion and traction better than other free of keylar material. The asbestos’s free brake lining (af – 999) have an excellent wear characteristics which means twice as useful than other well known brake lining which are manufactured with asbestos and are soft to surface contact.

The range of CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD brake lining is the most complete range in the commercial and industrial vehicles segment. With more than 700 lining references standard size, plus a variety of over measurements, cover almost all brands of European, American and Asiatic vehicles.

As a longstanding brake system specialist, CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD is the natural election of customers. Each of our brake bands meets specific requirements to guarantee superiority and long time performance.

  • Bands applicable to light vehicles that use hydraulic brake drums.
  • Composition: Materials made of aramid fibers and semi metallic’s fiber, phenolic resins, graphite’s, frictioning, loads and auxiliary
  • Presentation: Set of 4 units with specific characteristics and dimensional information.
  • This bands offer friction stability, flexibility, surface adhesion and gives softness and comfort in the braking.
  • According to client requirement, we are capable of offering different characteristics in friction coefficient and wear indexes.